Tips for the Private Seller

                                                  Courtesy of Cherryvale Realty

If you have decided to sell you house yourself, here are some suggestions that we have learned from experience.

A. Pricing Considerations--Appraisers, Market conditions

B. Competitive Market Conditions--What is the competition

C. Prepare the house for sale--Top condition = Top dollar

D. Marketing Tips--Appearance, Lighting,   pretend you've never seen the property before to help you see it with the buyers eyes.

E. Showing Advice--What are the buyers' needs

F. Preparations for an open house--Sign-in sheet

G. Safety Considerations--Know how to show the house (See Safety Tips)

H. Security--A driver's license for identification

F. Advertising--Budget, Different approaches

G. Target Marketing--Who are the buyers?

H. Follow up with people

I. Buyer Qualification--Can they afford to buy?

J. Finance Information--(Lender's List)

K. Alternative Financing--Owner financing, Assumptions, lease to sell

L. Trade-Ins--Does the buyer have to sell a house first?

M. Equity Advance-- for your plans

N. Negotiating Techniques--What are your goals?

O. Closing-- Ask them for their signatures

P. The Technical Process--Surveys, Title Papers, Title

insurance, Disclosure of known conditions

Q. Home Warranties--Are you going to provide these?

R. Legal Aspects--Check with attorney concerning liabilities

S. Settlement Procedures-- Title companies, Attorneys

T. Relocation Assistance--Your buying plans

U. Potential Liabilities--Scope of responsibilities.

V. Contracts & Schedules--Keep on track.


If you want specific services from a real estate company such as MLS exposure, we have a menu of services we can provide that may save you money.


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