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There are a number of concerns to attempting to sell property yourself.  You are dealing with land, a house, financing, title work, and laws that appear to be constantly changing.

This adds up to a large number of possible pitfalls to be on the lookout for.

But...if you really want to try it yourself,  click for a list of hints,  a list of safety tips or contact me e-mail phone 303-444-0905.

For those who believe that they can benefit from Multi-list exposure,  I have a program where you pay a single fee to have information about your property on the MLS for six months.     Other services are also available.

At any time, if you choose to get a full service listing package with Cherryvale Realty      A prorated portion of that fee will be returned to you upon completion of a successful closing.

Marketing Tips for the Private Seller                  Safety Tips for the Private Seller

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