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How to
Save Interest Payments on your Mortgage
and be Debt-Free Sooner

Over the life of a loan we pay more than twice the amount of the loan in total payments.  There are several ways to cut the time of the loan and the amount of interest paid to the lender.

One method is to pay 1/2 of your mortgage every 2 weeks.

Another is to make an additional payment (put in as additional principal) once a year.

A third way is to make payments on the 30 year loan as though it were a 15 year loan by making small additional payments to principal each month.

If you want to know approximately what amount that would be e-mail
or call me (303) 444-0905  or 1 (800) 440-0905.

You do not need to go to anyone who will charge you money to do this.

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