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complements of Warren Smadbeck


* Be Alert.  When you feel uncomfortable in a situation, get out.

* Dress conservatively.

* Do not sit in an open house alone.

* Report any suspicious experience to the police right away.

* Never advertise your property as vacant.

* Find out as much as you can about potential buyers, such as  names,
addresses,  phone numbers, where they work, what they do, how much
they earn.  Ask a lot of questions, be a good listener, write it all down.

* Have the potential buyers enter  rooms first.  Do not put yourself in a position
where you cannot get out.

* Develop a coded distress  signal with a friend or family member.  This way you can  call them with a message that would appear harmless, but would alert others that  something is wrong and you need help.  Speed dialing and caller ID are excellent  devices.  (*69 will recall the last number if it wasn't blocked.)

* You may want to let a potential buyer know that someone else will be showing up
  at the property at any time.  This might discourage a crime.

* Most important, remember that no sale is worth risking your life!

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