Some Good Lenders


These are all good lenders.  Call them up, ask them what you want to know.
Answer their questions.  Decide who you want to work with. Then call or e-mail me.

Jennie Rose with Highland Mortgage Partners Inc.  ,  (303) 449-3262 

Megan Finnesy with Meyers Funding, (303) 428-1900,  e-mail:

Jackie Barnes with World Savings, (303) 546-6775

Al Litzau with Norco Financial, Inc., (970) 201-1583, e-mail:

There are many other good loan officers.  Call me,Warren, if you need more names.

      (303) 444-0905    or toll free: 1(800) 440-0905


Question The Lender

The loan is one of the most important parts of your real estate transaction.  If you see a good lender  before you find the house of your dreams you'll know what you can afford and you'll have a better chance of getting it.
When comparing lenders & loans there are a number of questions to ask to make sure you get the full picture.

About The Lender

1) Do you have a variety of loans to fit my cash flow and length of ownership needs?
2) Do you offer written pre-approvals, not just pre-qualifications?  Signed by an 
3) Can you handle difficult credit history?
4) Do you keep in touch regularly during the loan process?
5) Do you draw your own loan documents?  How much control do you have over the   
    process?  Do you use your own funds to close the loan?
6) Will you be at the closing to answer my questions?
7) How long have you been in the lending business and can you provide references?
8) Do you have desktop automated underwriting and can you overcome problems
    from it?

About The Loan

1) What is the interest quote?
2) Do you charge an origination fee?  If so what is it?
3) Are there any other costs?  Discount points?  Closing costs?  Document
    delivery fee?  Underwriting fee?  Appraisal cost?  Credit Report cost?
4) Will you put all the costs in writing? (A good faith estimate)
5) Will you guarantee the costs?
6) What fees are negotiable?
7) What kind of a lock is on the rate?  30 days?  60 days?
8) Will you put the lock in writing?

The answers to these questions are important but more important is to use a
reputable lender who can deliver on his/her word.  Get recommendations.
The best sounding loan means nothing if it won't close and you can't buy the house.

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